Botox is an effective method of combating the effects of the inevitable ageing. It makes your face look younger, and the features become softer. The treatment consists of injecting small amounts of the preparation into selected areas of the face. After injection, neuromuscular conduction is blocked at these sites, leading to muscle relaxation and smoothing the skin. The effect of botox lasts from 3 to 6 months, but it depends on the individual characteristics of the patient; therefore, this period may last a little shorter or longer.

With botox, you can remove::

  • lion’s wrinkles (vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows),
  • crow’s feet, i.e. wrinkles around the eyes,
  • transverse forehead wrinkles,
  • furrows on the neck and cleavage,
  • lower eyelid wrinkles,
  • neck wrinkles,
  • wrinkles over the upper lip,
  • and raise the falling corners of the mouth.