Children are especially important to us! We know how stressful a visit to a dentist can be for them. Therefore, we make every effort to make them feel comfortable. All treatments are performed using painless anaesthesia, and after a visit, all our young patients are rewarded for their courage.

We attach great importance to creating good habits in oral hygiene from an early age, which can help children avoid serious dental problems in the future.

In the youngest patients, we treat milk teeth. Lack of treatment for decay-infected milk teeth can have a very negative impact on children’s teeth. Caries is an infectious disease, and every infected milk tooth infects a permanent tooth coming through next to it.

In addition, if milk teeth fall out too early, they can leave too much free space in the jaw for permanent teeth, resulting in uneven teeth and chewing problems.

Do you want your child to have a beautiful and healthy smile? Contact us for sealing and varnishing. Sealing involves filling the pits and fissures of the teeth with a special substance. In pits and fissures of the teeth, food residue accumulates, which creates the conditions for the development of bacteria that cause tooth decay. The purpose of sealing is to get rid of potential caries foci. Varnishing is covering teeth with a thin layer of varnish, from which fluorine remineralising enamel is released for 12 hours. The varnish treatment is aimed at strengthening the child’s teeth and provides them with a dose of fluoride.

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